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5 Ways to Help Our Planet Whilst Chilling

For some of us, we are still able to work from home, so if you are looking for a things to do with your extra time amidst the lockdown, we have some ideas for you. Here are 5 easy things for you to do when you have a spare few minutes to help our planet, who knows it might even save you some pennies.

  1. Keeping warm

Alot of us are spending more time at home, now more than ever and it can be ever so tempting to reach for the thermostat at night. Before you consider turning the heating on, have a blanket ready or even wear an extra layer. Your energy bill will be thankful for this aswell. OVO energy has some great advice on how to save energy at home

2. Finding a green energy supplier

While we are on the subject, lets talk about switching your energy supplier. Lets be honest, it does take a little bit of searching. Get comfy with your laptop and check out this guide for the best green energy suppliers. Switching to one of the green energy suppliers can lower your carbon impact by up to 3.4 tonnes which is the hard work of approximately 1770 trees.

3. Unsubscribe from all the junk

Im not sure about you but I used to get alot of spam from here, there and everywhere. Sending and receiving email bears a carbon footprint. It still takes electricity to send, receive and store emails in the cloud. If every adult in the UK sent one fewer "thank you" email a day we would save more than 16000 tonnes of carbon a year. You can read more here. Unsubscribe from all the spam and stuff you are no longer interested in. Hopefully, we can stick around in your inbox.

4. Change your search engine

Planting trees can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Ecoasia is an eco friendly search engine that uses profits to fund tree planting all around the world. According to Ecoasia it takes approximately 45 searhes on their search engine to finance a single tree being planted. As I am constantly using the internet searching for products that you guys will love, I feel like I could plant my own rainforest. I hope I can introduce to you a new way of searching.

5. Reject junk mail.

Did you know you can opt out of receiving junk mail by returning a form to the Royal Mail. I dont get junk mail but i do get the occasional charity plastic bags, which I actually use for recycling bags instead, as unfortunatly there is not alot we can do about those. However, you could try putting a sign in your window.

Whilst you're on the sofa, you can start your Green Future Box subscription to introduce yourself to an array of plastic free alternatives to your daily use products. Subscribe here.

I hope this has been helpful!

Love to all.

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