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A Change of Habits

Since we began our living green journey, we discovered it was difficult to make important changes unless we somehow developed them into habits. Here are our top habits that

we have developed since lockdown and we have also provided a little bit of information on how we moved from greener initiatives to actually just daily habits that we don't think about anymore.

The goal for me has always been to minimize plastic usage and promote greener living in my own home. I like you have always had good intentions in every aspect of life but many good intentions can sometimes fail unless they become a part of your normal routine.

  1. Supermarket Shopping

This was always an area that I knew needed improvement. I used to come back from the store with 3 or 4 plastic bags and they would get shoved in a cupboard and forgotton about. I laugh about it now, but it does make me wonder how many plastic bags I have used since i started my 'adult life',

Now, I only take cloth/produce bag's for my shopping. It took a while for this habit to kick in for me, but I would normally always forget something before I went out which would automatically trigger me remembering to quickly locate my stash of produce bags from my kitchen whilst running out the door. (Yes, I live in a s

mall house) Is there something you always do before you go shopping that can trigger you to remember your cloth and produce bags? :)

2. Local Food Shopping

My dad who remains a huge inspiration to me for sustaunable living helped me discover local farmers and markets including local bakeries and green grocers. I often find it is the local, smaller businesses who provide the friendliest atmosphere you could get for food shopping and always with lots of stock. They also support the plastic free movement and encourage the use of bringing your own bags for shopping. Its bakers and grocers like these where I use my produce bags for the organic fruit and veg.

3. Grow your own Food

I used to think growing your own food would need lots of equipment to setup and constant maintenance. That's simply not the case. New leaf nurseries has given us some great seeds to get us started in growing our own produce including onions, tomatoe's and courgette and a few more basic vegetables to grow. They are all growing in my kitchen at the moment but will need to move them out soon. I know growing your own food isnt really a habit, but it is kinda like developing a new hobbie? I like to think anyway.

Plastic Free Travel Habits

Breaking the ease of travel mentality

I'll be the first to admit, I dont travel as much as I would like to and I am certainly guilty of not being full prepared for a full days outing. But over the past couple of years I have developed a sound way to remember everything I need to take with me. Simply remember the fact I used to get teased bringing my own cutlery, now I have my friends asking me for some! Which is great! 'Lead by example' works everytime.

I need to remember my Stainless Steel Water B

ottle, stainless steel lunch box (dont forget to put lunch inside it before you go out) and my bamboo cutlery. Most of which are available on our store.

I found it strange starting with these products, as there are so many other things you could travel with too, like plastic free, vegan sandwich wraps. These are a growing trend around the UK and we would love to feature these in one of our boxes soon.

We also love looking here too for for other useful travelling tips. Give them a follow on Instagram too!

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