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April's: What to do when you are stuck at home.

Living by yourself can often be difficult, especially during this time, but I've found plenty of ways to keep myself entertained while im indoors. I have created a list of things you can do inside.

1. Baking and Cooking!

Although this might seem obvious but baking and cooking I have always enjoyed even though I was never very good. Now is my chance to get creative using a variety of home grown vegetables and fruits. I have ALOT and I mean ALOT of Rhubarb in my garden and I often find myself knocking on my neighbours to see if they'd like some (not so much anymore). I've been making rhubarb chutney, apple and rhubarb crumble using apples that grow at my dads alternative therapy centre. I actually just followed a bbc recipe to create my chutney, as I wasn't sure.

This is my rhubarb and there's another bush to the right.

2. Grow your own fruit and Veg

I've planted so much variety, although I wanted to start with something easy to maintain and durable so I went with the good ole' Tomatoes and potatoe's which can actually be grown inside if you dont have a garden, a windowsill will do just as well.

3. Creating zero waste products

I recently attended an event in Nantwich hosted by a shop called 'Stitch' (pre lockdown of course) where we made make up remover pads, facial wipes and beeswax wraps, there were a number of other people interested in the items being products, and I must say its extremely difficult if you've never picked up a sewing needle before. Thankfully, I remember my schooldays at St Thomas More Catholic High School studying textiles.

Beeswax wraps was something that I have previously attempted to make and it actually went quite well, however, remember to use only pure cotton from recycled clothes, anything else will end up melting as I learned with my partner.

4. Social Interaction Online

There are many ways to interact with people online, and being tech savvy ive helped a number of people remain in contact using some great free technology thats out there. One that I favour is It's really good for a number of reasons, chat rooms can be made private and secure, teachers I've helped are using it to teach their kids and families are using it for just chit chat and many other communities are using it to stay in touch.

This is how I'm keeping in touch with people online.

5. Experimenting

I am experimenting with a number of products to add to our shop in the future including, shampoo, conditioner and soap bars. We have moulds, we have the ingredients now we just need the experience. You can also do this at home too and can order everything online you need to create these sorts of things if you have the time.

One last thing. This lockdown can have implications on our mental health, so please make sure you go outside and do your excersise, fresh air is very important for your mental health. If you are lucky enough to live in the countryside, make sure you use it to your advantage.

Here is a hug from me to you.

We are still taking on new subscribers and really appreciate the increase in new subscribers wanting to live more sustainably, this months new subscribers are receiving a free pot of biodegradable gold glitter.

You can subscribe here

Thanks for reading and your continued support!

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