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New Year, New You

Making New Year’s Resolutions Go Viral

Has there ever been a new year as anticipated as 2021? Most of us are very, very glad to put 2020 behind us. The new year brings the promise of a new beginning, a fresh start; it is a time for healing and recovery and setting the world spinning again. How will you make the most of this opportunity to reset?

Consider this: In 2020, as the pandemic tore around the world, it also revealed exactly how globalized our society has become and how interconnected we all are. What if, to celebrate the arrival of the new year, we resolve to send something else racing around the world? Something good—like fresher air, cleaner water, or better health? What if our new year’s resolutions are not only for our own sake, but for the sake of our planet, too?

Here are some ideas for new year’s resolutions that go beyond the classic goals for personal self-improvement:

Planning to join a gym or just get more exercise?

√ Invest in a reusable water bottle to take with you so you’ll never need to buy a plastic one.

√ Get your workout the natural way by walking, jogging, biking, or hiking.

Hoping to cut back on junk food?

√ Choose fresh, organic, locally sourced fruit and veggies from a farmer’s market or neighbourhood grocery store.

√ Create a garden and grow your own healthy food.

√ Purchase healthy snacks from eco-friendly companies that utilize recyclable packaging.

Determined to quit smoking?

√ Pick up a new hobby to keep your fingers busy and the earth happy, like scrapbooking using recyclable materials.

√ Fill your weary lungs with some fresh air by taking a walk on the beach or through the neighborhood, picking up litter as you go.

√ Volunteer by helping out at an eco-conscious rural or urban farm (, join a tree-planting organization (, participate in a local river clean-up (

Eager to cut back on spending?

√ If you’re handy, check out some DIY videos to learn how to repair items around your home instead of replacing them.

√ If you’re crafty, try upcycling unwanted clothing or household items instead of trashing them or take up knitting using sustainable yarn.

√ If you’re a foodie, try experimenting with healthy recipes, and start composting.

Share the wealth and wisdom of sustainable living by gifting products from companies like Green Future Box. that offers everything you need—and nothing you don’t!—to make your life and your home eco-friendly. Green Future is your one-stop shop for everything from eco-friendly, plastic-free dental floss and organic toothpowder, to vegan body scrub and natural cosmetics, to bamboo cutlery and toaster tongs.

Fulfill your new year’s resolutions this year not only by becoming your best self but by helping the Earth become its best self, too.

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