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Our Relationship with Mother Nature

Sustainable living growing our own foiod
Growing our own food

Sustainability preaches that ALL humans should have harmonic relationships with mother nature and her natural environment , By doing so our earths natural environment resources and ecosystems shall therefore be preserved making way for us and our future generations to live a more sustainable life.

You may be thinking how can I make a difference in making our planet more eco friendly and sustainable for us all and our future generations. It’s important to remember that just a few small key changes in your daily life can actually help in making a big difference to our planet.

My Journey Began many years ago. Being a fan of the great outdoors I would often spend my free time taking long country walks, taking in the beautiful sights of what mother earth had gave us and appreciating it in its full glory.

However I have found that over the years it was becoming increasingly common to find other peoples waste and litter, often just left at the side of the roads. This concerned me a lot and I would often find myself having sleepless nights wondering how I too could make just some of these small changes.

It started with just some small changes REFUSING plastics, I began to take my lunch to work in glass jars. Switching from regular light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs. Although I was making a difference in my life , it never seemed to be enough and I was still seeing that empty crisp packet floating by on the road side as I made my way to work every morning.

It was then I knew I had to think BIG, What can I do now to help others also make the changes that we needed. That’s when I began to look at other alternatives trying to replace day to day items within my everyday life with more eco friendly items. I didn’t know how difficult this would actually be. Products came at a higher cost, they were increasingly difficult to find and I would have to drive many miles just to acquire them. Which lets face it defeats the whole point of the changes I craved to instil.

Feeling somewhat despaired I began to research and look for likeminded people, to my sheer disbelief I actually came across others who had also been trying to life a more sustainable life but encountering the exact same problems I to was facing. It was then I decided to set up my company Green Future Box. A sustainable life for affordable prices.

As business took off and I began to think more about the changes we could all make in our every day lives to live a more sustainable life, I began to look at my own weekly shopping basket and think about the ways I could REDUCE waste and REFUSE harmful materials. It was while adding my fruits and vegetables in to the basket that I realized, while they are eco friendly and sustainable and RECYCABLE foods, they still came in PLASTIC packaging.

It was then I really began to pick up the pace and began to plant many of my own. The great thing is you don’t even need a patch of garden or a massive acre of land to this. This can all be achieved from your very own window ledge. As we speak right now, I have a great variety of vegetables growing on mine. I have potatoes and onions growing inside a grow bag. I have tomatoes, sweet corn, chilli’s, cress, lettuce, runner beans and many more growing just on my kitchen window ledge.

What’s even more amazing about this is there is no waste as these are all fully compostable and can be used again, they can be broken down and left to compost providing your soil with all the key nutrients your plant needs for a healthy growth and it also provides you with a unlimited stream of seeds to aid you in your journey for a more sustainable living.

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