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Show the Earth a Little Love on Valentine's Day

Show the Earth a Little Love on Valentine’s Day

During this difficult period, many of us have struggled with the isolation social distancing has brought. We may long for a warm embrace or a cozy snuggle with a loved one. And now, along comes Valentine’s Day, to accentuate exactly what—and whom—we’re missing.

Can’t be together with loved ones on Valentine’s Day this year? Remember what the old song says: “If you can’t be with the one you love... love the one you’re with.” How about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by embracing the planet?

· Go out and plant some trees.

· Redistribute leftover food from restaurants and grocery stores to homeless shelters or food pantries.

· Initiate a community clean-up day in your neighborhood.

· Install solar panels on your roof.

· Convert all your lightbulbs to energy-efficient bulbs.

· Switch your bills to online instead of paper.

Or, if you are able to spend Valentine’s Day safely with someone you love, here are some ways to show both your partner and the earth some affection.

· Add atmosphere and reduce electricity by turning the lights down low.

· Amp up the romance with candles, but light them with matches rather than a lighter.

· Keep things cozy by making sure your fireplace damper is closed—except when you’re using it!

· Turn off your electronics for the evening, for less battery use and better conversation.

· Prepare a fresh and earth-friendly meal by buying local, organic ingredients and doing the cooking yourself.

· Make your own, creative gift wrap using recycled magazines, newspapers, maps, book pages, or sheet music.

· Check out Green Future Box for eco-friendly, plastic-free cooking, cleaning, shopping, and self-care products so that all your loved ones (especially the earth) will feel your love.

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