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Spiced Oranges at Christmas

I remember making spiced oranges every Christmas as a child. It brings back so many memories and instant Christmas spirit. The smell is just amazing and the craft is so simple you can get you children to do it. The oranges also look amazing. . . They will smell nice for weeks and kids love doing this because it's so easy and quick. You can also give them as festive gifts. . . You just need oranges, whole cloves a toothpick and maybe a sharp knife (optional) . . Oranges with thick skin tend to last longer. . . Poke holes with your toothpick through the skin of the orange. Keep a cloth ready because it can get messy. . Put the whole cloves into the holes as far as they go. . For patterns, straight lines work best, but you can do anything you want including spirals, symbols and even letters. . Wrap a ribbon around if it's a gift. You can go even further and use a knife to cut patterns into the skin.


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