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National Sandwich Month: Eco friendly Beeswax wraps

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It's finally here, launch day.

We are officially up and running.

Our first boxes are due to be shipped at the end of the month, get yours ordered by 10th August to receive your first subscription box. This month we are aiming to have some exciting food-related products. We have all seen in the news about reducing plastic and the damaging effects of straws so we are excited to confirm there will be reusable metal straws in your first box. I find these so helpful having a three-year-old little girl who at Mcdonalds will chew through the paper straws in minutes.

Did you know that August is a national sandwich month? Me either until today. Each year just in the UK we eat 11.5 billion sandwiches per year, even if only 10% of these are made using throwaway plastic such as cling film or a sandwich bags that's 1.5 billion bits of plastic being thrown away every year, potentially ending up in our oceans and rivers. Our aim at Green Future Box is not to make you change the way you live your life is about helping you make small adjustments to your current routines, that will not only help to save the planet but in the long run could also save you money.

One thing we're looking in to for a future box is reusable sandwich wraps, and even possibly a lot to make your own even possibly a kit to make your own, which looks like a lot of fun. So sign up today to get our first ever Green Future Box delivered by the end of the month. Then sit back and wait for some new great ideas and products to help you on your eco-friendly journey.

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