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Sustainable options are more expensive. What can we do?

One super simple practice I’ve put in place when considering to buy something NEW that is more expensive because it’s been made sustainably is, “where can I save money somewhere else in life so I can afford to spend the extra money on this”?

When buying new we want to consider how, what and where it’s been made. We want to make choices that are good for our planet and the people in it who are making & selling it.

Yesterday, I spent an extra £25 choosing some new clothing made from a small company who make with GOTS organic cotton because it was a better option for the world & people in it. (We’re trying our absolute best to avoid buying from the fast fashion high street stores when we can)

So, what can I afford to live without? How can I save a little? I decided: coffee. I’ll forego 10 coffee trips to cover the extra £25 (I am SO TEMPTED by take out coffees when I have my reusable cup with me and it’s a complete luxury) so today I’m taking my own mug of coffee to the park.

Let’s just keep it simple (when budget/lifestyle allows) whether it’s buying bar shampoo, choosing organic & local vegetables, sustainable new clothing (when second hand isn’t an option), all these choices are just going to be more expensive (for very good reason). And, personally, I really don’t want to let the cheap options that are killing our planet win. Do you?

When we can, when our budget allows (I’m terrible at budgeting so this simple practice is ideal) - why not try making a simple offset.

1. Sacrifice a luxury. 2. Have a few less beers or coffees. 3. Stay in and home cook with candles for a date night instead of going out for dinner. 4. Borrow something you need from a friend. 5. Ask for help (e.g babysitting, swapping your time for a friends or neighbours, asking a friend with skills to help you with something).

Find little ways to save money simply so you can make some great choices when you need to.

(Loose tea with compostable teabags)

For the sake of the planet and the people in it.

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