Self Care Box

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Our Self Care is all about you. During this pandemic we want to help people protect themselves against all sorts of illnesses, so we put together this box which contains the following:


  • Deep Heat Oil - Our very hand made product, brewed for a month using all natural herbs and oils, designed to ease aches an pains on the body. (Do not use on sensitive parts of the body, and wash hands after use)
  • Ginger Flakes from Saco Superfoods -Vitamin C is vital in boosting our immune system you can view the receipes at Saco Superfoods Blog
  • 2 Recycled Cotton Handkerchiefs from the Zero Waste Shop - Repurposed cotton
  • Avocado Oil Soap from Emma's Soap - Keeping your hands clean is very important when preventing illnesses
  • Humble Bumble Bamboo buds - Just an extra zero waste product!
  • Seedbomb from Abrakadabra Seed Bombs


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