Corporate Gifts

Recent events have restricted the ways in which we would normally show our appreciation to those who are important to us. That is why we are offering our Bespoke Gift boxes as Corporate Gifts – the perfect way to say Thank You or Well Done!

We know that a thoughtful gift rather than just money, goes a long way to being remembered or feel appreciated and a Bespoke Gift Box will make anyone feel special, especially when we will provide a hand-written card to each recipient.

What is a Green Future Box?

Green Future Box is an online community, which brings together lovers of plastic free products and vegan friendly snacks that you don't see in the shops. We create the engagement for your event and carefully select a combination of zero waste products, spirits, mixers, snacks or whatever you like.

Can it be customised?

Yes, for corporate buyers, we can discuss your box in detail and include some literature for you to look over and talk about additions.

How many do I have to buy?


You can buy a single box if you are looking for a special treat for an employee or client. However, for orders of 25+ we can discuss volume discount.


Our core values have always been to ensure all gifts and products are ethical and sustainably sourced and we will ensure the same quality is seen in our corporate gift service.


We can cater for any occassion, including big corporate brands, large overseas event agencies, holiday parks and small independent businesses. We've supplied 50 to over 500 gift boxes, so we are sure we can meet your needs.


We can also create a full brand experience using our in house design team or work with yours to create the best experience


Get in touch to let us help you find the perfect gift for your special event, staff reward, holiday welcome packs, new home welcome packs, event goodie boxes etc.

cogs and marvel.png

"As a corporate client, I was incredibly impressed with Jon and Green Future Box.

Jon took what little information I could provide him for a project and ran away with it, creating a wonderful immersive experience.

He provided us with a top-class service in an incredibly short timeframe, his flexibility to adapt to what we needed was next to none!

From that one project we have now a trusted relationship with Jon and will be returning!"

Sorcha Cotter, Cogs & Marvel Europe.