Our Previous Boxes

Kitchen Box


Our first Kitchen Box aims to reduce the amount of plastic while cleaning your kitchen, stay green!

  • Root Vegetable Scrubber from Loofco

  • Dish Washing Soap Bar from Little fox soapery

  • Kitchen cleaner Bar from Planet Detox, perfect for cleaning surfaces

  • Dish Brush from Ecoconut

  • Recycled Cotton Dish Cloth from Scrubbies

Januarys Bathing Box

We looked at combining luxury home comforts whilst also considering the plastic. There's still lots to remove but its a start at least. Included in our bathroom box is the following:

  • Fruit Tea shampoo bar from Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics

  • Fruit Tea Conditioner Bar from Naturall Gorgeous Cosmetics

  • Tabitha Eve provided us with an organic Cotton Shower Mitt

  • Bloomtown UK has a fantastic range of bath salts and the ones we used were award winning.

May's Morning Routine

May's Inside was:

  • Bamboo Toothbrush from Ecoalyn

  • Toothpowder from Geoorganics

  • Bamboo flannel from Alcala

  • Deodorant from Ku.tis

  • Extra Treat from us

February Footsie Box

We focused on looking after our 'Soles' excuse the pun.

  • Bamboo socks from Thought Fashion

  • Sock Salve to heal and repair feet from Bathing Beauty

  • Little Green Wood Organic Cotton wipes for cleaning up after...

  • Mini Pedicure Bombs, relax and heal your feet after a hard days work


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