About Us

We aim to provide an easier way to live a more sustainable lifestyle for EVERYONE!

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His Story

I have always had an interest in the outdoors and love to spend my free time walking in the countryside and enjoying our beautiful countryside.


Over the years I have found it becoming increasingly common to find litter when out on my walks, often at the sides of roads or on public footpaths. This concerned me and started me on my journey to a more Eco-Friendly life.


It started with just small changes, using glass jars to take my lunch to work rather than buying pre-made food, which would inevitably come in plastic packaging, to installing energy-saving lights around my home.


Recently I started looking to make further changes to my daily routine, to try and replace some of my day-to-day items with alternatives that are better for the environment. I found this surprisingly difficult, often products were much more expensive, only available in larger stores (meaning I would have to drive to get them, going against the whole point of my change) or in many cases shops just didn’t have an alternative.


I knew the demand was there, people are sharing stories on social media constantly showing that they are more aware than ever of the changes we need to make. I wanted to set up Green Future Box to make this lifestyle more achievable, giving people the chance to try products they may not have heard of, seen before, wanted to try due to the cost or even knew were available.


My goal is to make it easy for you to make a change, one box at a time.


Her Story

I am currently focusing on other aspects of my life while I give Jon the reins for this business, I know he will always be welcoming should I wish to come back, I'm always kept up to date on the business and how things are doing and I cant wait to get back involved when I can.


I'm a mum a 4-year-old little girl and want to do anything I can to ensure the beautiful world we live in will still be around for her when she grows up. I love the fact that my job means I get to share this passion with the next generation, showing children how they can make changes that will have a big impact on the world and their future.


My schools Eco Club was the first high school in Yorkshire to receive their Green Flag award as an Eco-School, this is a huge achievement and is a testament to how hard the staff and pupils at my school have worked to promote Eco-Friendly living.


Jon and I had many conversations about the environment, we would watch nature programmes together that would bring up the issue of plastic in our oceans, chemicals on food, increased methane products from cattle farming etc. This led us to start thinking about the changes we could make in our lives, and we discovered it was not that easy to do.


That’s where Green Future box came from.

We want you to find it easier because of us, we want you to find the changes simple and find alternatives to your current products without having to trail around as we did.