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Eco Warrior Plan

If you are ready to reduce your plastic in your household then you have come to the right place.

Each month stay inspired with products designed to help you on your zero waste journey.

You can see our other boxes in the gallery

All of our boxes contain products that you can't live without, just without the plastic packaging

Remember to subscribe before the 10th for that months box!

What are you waiting for?

Alternatively visit our store for pre paid boxes.


Scarlett Kelly

I received a tester box from the company for some market research. I've signed up as soon as they launched today as it was such good value for money. I discovered products I never knew existed. If anyone wants to live more sustainably this company is the way forward.

Laura Gregg

wow received my box. so amazing and there's such a diverse selection of items. I got a lovely bath bomb, which I can relax with, with the chocolate I also got 😋. and a huge shower gel (even the container it's on is recycled 😍). some reusable straws, which come with their own pouch and a brush to clean then with (perfect for camping), a big box of paper straws, perfect for parties.

Abigail High

I ordered a tester box before subscribing as I wanted to ensure that the products were as stated, as so many companies claim to be “eco-friendly”. I was not disappointed. Subscription now placed and I’m excited, to say the least.