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Autumn is upon us!

So autumn is upon us, the season of hot chocolate, toasty fires and pumpkins. This time of year is a time of change, watching the trees change colour, our nights drawing in and spending more time tucked up nice and warm at home. Autumn is also a great time of year to start making some small changes in your life to help our planet. 

A few changes are simple and you probably already do them, only use your heating when you really need it, you can get app controlled heating which is really helpful to stop you heating your empty home. Another simple change is to keep your house warm by adding curtains as well as blinds, or even something as simple as adding extra layers before reaching for that thermostat. The more difficult thing is to reduce our waste at this time of year, takeaway coffee cups, buying new gloves or umbrellas when out unprepared or buying prepacked lunches to save time on dark cold mornings. We all know how to reduce this type of waste, we just need to make some small changes to our daily lives. However with Halloween on the horizon we at Green Future Box thought we would take this opportunity to try and help you make some changes during October and over Halloween.

• We tend to buy new costumes every year, does last years fit? If not why not donate it to a charity shop and replace with a second hand costume. Or even better some old clothes can easily be turned in to a zombie costume.

• Halloween decorations all seem to be made from plastic, and often don't seem built to last. Get the family involved and make your own from recycled materials, take a look on places like Pintrest for some great ideas.

• Sweets, Halloween is not Halloween without sweets. It is so much easier these days to get sweets with less plastic, its not always easy to remove plastic all together as many parents will only allow children to take wrapped sweets but a little bit of searching will lead to much better options than plastic bags filled with little plastic bags of sweets.

• When you have finished with your pumpkins don't just throw them away, they can provide food for woodland animals, take them to a local woodland and leave for the wildlife to make use of your creation.Enjoy the season, with all of its beautiful colours.

Soy candle with plant and pumpking in a window
Soy candle with plant and pumpking

And remember to save the planet one box at a time.

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