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Out of darkness always comes light

In a matter of months the world has been transformed as emissions have dropped significantly all over the world. There are countless images on social media and mainstream news that show the positive impact of the measures we have taken to stop the spread of COVID-19.

For the first time a jellyfish can be seen in the canals of Venice. The canals in Venice are the cleanest they have ever been. Not only can you now see the sandy bed below, but tiny fish and scuttling crabs are returning, aswell as multi-coloured plant life.

The Himalayas can be seen for the first time in 30 years from 125 miles away. Several photos of the Himalayan mountains taken from the Punjab state have gone viral this week as social media users look for a silver lining during the pandemic. India has had a strict curfew in place for several weeks, which caused the drastic drop in pollution and smog.

I stumlbed upon this site which shows real time air quality index I spent a little bit of time looking at a few countries history, most show a massive increase in air quality

The environmental impact has been really positive for wildlife and nature all over the world, as NASA reports a drop in carbon emissions.

The real question is, will the environmental impact last?

This is a time of change for many which can lead to the introduction of lasting habits. During the pandemic the general population might stick to these new habits such as travelling less or cutting down on food waste which in turn, will help maintain the environmental impacts we are currently seeing from COVID-19. I believe we will see new habits from people to help protect our planet a bit better, especially after seeing the photos above of what our planet has to offer.

Maybe, just maybe, with all this statistical data and new information being received, combined with information from NASA and people all over the world, leaders from every country can take the environment a little more seriously and help protect our oceans.

Whats in Aprils zero waste Box?

We know some of you love to know whats inside your next plastic free subscription box, although we dont tell directly, theres lots of hints and clues in our social media posts and the theme is mentioned here

Lots of time is being spent in the kitchen, so now is the perfect time to do our first kitchen box. Which is being sent out very shortly. There are lots of alternatives to the plastic we would use in our kitchen so we've included 5 items for you to try out.

Our Monthly Instagram Competition

Don't forget about our instagram competition guys, simply post a picture of your sustainable subscription box and we select the best picture/video. We saw some great pictures and a video in April. Keep it up! The winner receives their next box completely free.

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