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Microplastics: The Scourge of the Sea

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Plastic! Plastic is everywhere, more so than we realise. Visiting say Sainsburys or Tesco’s and you will see shelves stacked full of products that aim to fix all your beauty troubles. Flaky skin? Oily hair? There’s hair care for that or moisturiser for this. Far too much.

With so many choices you can be overwhelmed and not even consider the environmental impact they have.

Look in your bathroom now. Yes right now, while you are reading this. You’ll probably notice the necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, hair wax and toothbrushes. What you’ll find is obviously dependant on your shopping habits. After noticing the obvious you’ll likely start to look a bit deeper into your plastic in the bathroom including a loofah, razors, face wipes amongst other things.

Now here’s the worst part. Microplastics, while not always visible are still everywhere. Microplastics are any piece of plastic under 5 mm in size, microbeads are a type of microplastic smaller than 1mm and often found in facial cleansers. Microplastics are in everything and we mean EVERYTHING, its hard to imagine. Try deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, insect repellent, hair spray, baby care, eye shadow and loads of other make ups.

Microplastics can be added to anything for various reasons including, skin conditioning, exfoliating, bulking agents and binders. When you finish using those products, where do all those microplastics go, that’s right, down the drain into the sea.

The good news is that you don’t need to contribute to the mass of microplastics entering the ocean through personal care products. You can help to reduce plastic pollution by giving your bathroom a plastic-free makeover. Our monthly subscribers made their first step recently and switched out their shampoo and conditioner for a plastic free alternative and also using an organic cotton shower mitt instead of a loofah.

Sustainable, ocean-friendly alternatives are available, and by demanding plastic-free products and materials, the industry will have to respond. Be mindful of the plastic ingredients in your bathroom. Switch to plastic-free packaging where possible, pledge to stop using products that contain hidden plastics, and demand change from the beauty brands that use them excessively. Try our luxury bathroom box from our store or if you want to be inspired each month subscribe to a monthly plan and free yourself from plastic waste.

Thanks for reading! Stay plastic free!

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